Best Skin Care Tips for Men

best skin men

Long gone are the times when a man only allowed soap and water to come in contact with his skin. Today, they too are increasingly turning to skincare products. For many, it is clear, the most recurring product is the aftershave lotion.

But beyond that, when it comes to face care, why not just turn to your partner's toilet bag? The answer is very simple: men's skin is different from women's skin. For one, the male collagen fibers in the skin are everywhere intertwined. This more stable structure gives better protection against environmental influences, which explains why wrinkles tend to appear later in men.

In addition, men's skin contains more sebaceous glands than women's. As a consequence, men's skin tends to be more oily than women's and tends to have impurities. For this reason, it is in the interest of most men to apply a moisturizer. Only in winter, when the skin on the face becomes brittle and dry, men should occasionally use fatty products.

So there is little point in using women's creams. "Generally, women's skincare creams, especially night creams or anti-wrinkle products, contain a higher fat content," explains dermatologist Peter Weisenseel. "For men, those creams are almost never helpful, because men's skin often produces enough fat."

In addition to a different skin structure, the man has another trait that distinguishes him from women: the beard. For many men, daily shaving is the number one grooming ritual, and this one is not always without problems. Skin irritations are frequent after shaving. They are due, on the one hand, to small skin lesions. In addition, these injuries facilitate the penetration of germs into the skin, which can cause small infections.

For this reason, men should always wet their beard hairs and hair thoroughly with hot water and then apply a good amount of shaving gel or foam giving a gentle massage. It is important to always use very sharp razor blades.

"You shouldn't run the razor blade too repeatedly during a row over an equivalent spot. After shaving, you should apply moisturizer or disinfectant," Weisenseel recommends. Many men also have to deal with hairs grown inside. "For these men, it's more convenient to shave dry in order that the hairs aren't too short and can't easily grow inside."

Nowadays, however, many men who follow fashion do not shave because they want to wear a beard. However, it must also be taken care of. For the shaving of contoured places, it is the same as for the care of men's skin. Also, dermatologists recommend washing the beard once a day with a mild neutral pH shampoo. Washing is also good for facial hair because that way the beard hairs are kept soft and beautiful.